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Wednesday, 16. October 2013

Body-building Supplement Craze Contains 'meth'-like Drug, Study Finds
By belkisdell, 17:39

SizeOn has three During/Intra Workout Supplement of the Year awards (2010, 2011, and 2013) and one Creatine Supplement of the Year award (2010). SizeOn is a comprehensive product consisting of creatine, branched chain amino acids, carbohydrates, and whey hydrolysate among many other ingredients. Although its accolades are for intra-workout supplementation, some users choose to take it post workout. SizeOn comes in four flavors and is available in all major sports nutrition retailers. For more information on Gaspari Nutrition, follow them on Twitter (@TeamGaspari) and Facebook .

The soldiers from the 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery were found out after test were carried out on 400 troops based at Merville Barracks in Colchester. Samples from the 18 paratroopers, tested clear for recreational drugs such as cannabis, but new tests revealed traces of the performance-enhancing substance ephedrine. Now after a decision by the Commanding Officer and the Max Workouts program Ministry of Defence, all 18 have either left or are about to leave the Army. Eighteen members of 7 Para RHA have provided positive samples following their unit's recent testing as part of the Army's drug testing programme. Army spokesman They take these so-called fat burning tablets to manage their weight....Fat busters are widely and easily available on-line and most people wouldn't even dream that they might be illegal in any way." Former soldier

Don't Have a Happy National Grouch Day, Buckingham Palace Visitor Gets Crazy

It allowed the public to view our world, kinda sorta. It gave some insight and a small understanding of what life as a bodybuilder really is. Some people walked away still scratching their heads and many walked out with a new admiration for what these knuckleheads do. Some actually started training just a little harder in the gym. Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes.

Two labs independently identified the supplement as containing the unlisted ingredient N,alpha-DEPEA, which has never before been studied in humans. Whats particularly alarming about finding a completely new drug, in this case a close cousin of methamphetamine, is that we have no idea how it will affect the body, said lead study author Dr. Pieter Cohen, of the Harvard Medical School. Will it be addictive? Will it stimulate the heart and increase the risk of heart attacks?

and is marketed as performance fuel that provides the ultimate in pre-workout power. The supplement is labeled as containing an extract of a plant, dendrobium orchid. It might be that manufacturers are not actually using the orchid at all, Cohen said, but rather using the name dendrobium when actually placing pharmaceutical drugs into the supplement. It is very likely that some other supplements labeled as containing dendrobium contain this same new drug. By following the manufacturers dosing recommendations, users would consume up to 35 mg of the designer drug. Such high quantities strongly suggest that its not a minor contaminant resulting from the manufacturing process or a previously undiscovered trace component. Cohen says that the U.S.

You listen to and take advice from the wrong people: This can be a very big deal and usually comes from a lack of self esteem, belief in self and abilities. Many people go through life hoping to gain the approval of others. In bodybuilding, people's approval will either be a hit or miss. Some people will love it, some people will absolutely hate it.

4 iPad Rumors Swirl Jeff Pachoud/AFP/Getty Images The internet just can't get enough of rumors of new tech products, or upgraded tech products, or tech products that are notably similar to other tech products. Today, rumors are swirling about when Apple might possibly announce the release of the iPad 5: Will it be bigger? Better? Golder? Though we'll have to wait a little longer to find out the answers to these resource burning questions, ABC News is sure that the place to find out will be ABC News' own Tech page.

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